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Comparing Your Options

Comparing "Consumer-Directed" to "Agency-Directed" Home Care

For consumers who wish to manage their own home care, private care registries provide "just-in-time" access to pre-screened, pre-qualified caregivers. Registries also can provide administrative support for home-care relationships. In our experience, this is the extent to which our customers want the registry involved - they appreciate our assistance and our expertise, but then they prefer to manage their in-home care on their own without a third party telling a caregiver how to perform a type of service when the client has a different preference for how that service should be performed. That is why we have designed our registries to accommodate consumers who want to manage their own home care, known as the "consumer-directed" option. It is to be distinguished from the other home-care option, "agency-directed" care, which involves an agency that manages and controls the home-care services that it provides to a consumer. Under the agency-directed option, caregivers perform the care in the manner that the agency specifies, and they perform services for the client to which the agency assigns that caregiver on any particular day.

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Private In-Home Care Cost Comparison Table