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About Our Members

Since 1977, the Private Care Association (PCA) has been committed to an aggressive advocacy program supporting consumer choice in home care. PCA supports the rights of consumers to self-direct their care, to retain access to the lower-cost option of home care provided by self-employed professional caregivers and, of course, the rights of for-profit caregiver registries that provide the critical role of matching pre-screened independent professional care providers with consumers. PCA does this through its active government relations program designed to present its position to public policymakers. As the only national voice for caregiver registries, the PCA continues to expand its membership in order to develop a greater capability for nationwide grassroots advocacy to promote consumer choice and the consumer-directed model of care.

A PCA member is a caregiver registry that subscribes to the PCA Code of Ethics, so your customers can feel more secure in knowing that your registry is aware of and agrees to live by a set of ethical standards.

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